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The quality of journalists is a worthy of serious and repeated discussion, journalists have to bear in the new era of responsibility and for Sichuan, footing and should be the starting point: the party and government's principles and policies in a timely and accurate delivery to the public, the the people's wishes and aspirations of timely feedback to the party and government to report convincing inspire positive social dynamic, objective and accurate reports in order to promote social fairness and justice, always pay attention to resolve conflicts and reduce negative factors, and safeguard social stability and efforts to to create all citizens do their best, live in peace and harmony of society, to fulfill their duties. Therefore, the quality of journalists is very important.
In this paper, the relevant theory, to study the basic quality of journalists that the political qualities, professional qualities, professional qualities and so on; on this basis the management of news media personnel to analyze, that is, the nurturing of talents from the news, selection, employment and keeping aspects of research, this study can be said to have some practical significance.

Keywords:Journalists; quality; talent management

目录   12000字
摘要    2
一、前言    4
二、相关理论借鉴    5
(一)新闻从业者素质    5
(二)新闻工作者道德    5
(三)新闻人才管理理论    6
三、新闻从业者素质分析    9
(一)政治素质    9
(二)职业素质    9
(三)业务素质    10
四、新闻媒体人才管理    12
(一)新闻人才的培育    12
(二)新闻人才的选择    12
(三)新闻人才的用人    13
(四)新闻人才的留人    14
五、结论    16
参考文献    17
致谢    18