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51系列单片机是英特尔公司生产的具有一定结构和功能的单片机产品。这家公司在1976年引入8位MCS - 48系列单片机后,于1980年又推出了8位高档的MCS - 51系列单片机。它包含很多种这类型的单片机,如8051,8031,8751,80C51BH,80C31BH等,它们的基本组成,基本性能和指令系统都是一样的。一般情况习惯用8051来代表51系列单片机。
Structure and function of the MCS-51
   Structure and function of the MCS-51 series one-chip computer MCS-51 is a name of a piece of one-chip computer series which Intel Company produces. This company introduced 8 top-grade one-chip computers of MCS-51 series in 1980 after introducing 8 one-chip computers of MCS-48 series in 1976. It belong to a lot of kinds this line of one-chip computer the chips have,such as 8051, 8031, 8751, 80C51BH, 80C31BH,etc., their basic composition, basic performance and instruction system are all the same. 8051 daily representatives- 51 serial one-chip computers .