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摘  要:以黄山学院网球教学为视角,运用文献资料、逻辑分析、数理统计等研究方法,对黄山学院学生网球的参与人群、参加锻炼的基本情况,以及对黄山学院网球教学的认知情况、教学内容、教学方法等方面进行调查。通过对课程设置、网球场地及相应设施、师资力量、网球协会或俱乐部的开展情况等多方面进行分析,从而得出适合黄山学院网球教学的最佳方案,为黄山学院网球运动今后能够更好的发展和促进黄山学院网球人群的大众化,以及为大力推进大学网球运动的开展提供一定的参考依据。

The investigation and Analysis of tennis Teaching in Huangshan University
Abstract: Take the situation of students tennis teaching in Huangshan University as the angle of view,  utilize some research techniques such as literature materials, logic analysis, mathematical statistics and so on, I carried out an investigation of the basic situation of all the participants in tennis and their exercises, of the tennis teaching cognitive situation, the content of teaching courses, and the teaching methods in Huangshan University. I carried out an analysis of the situation of the curriculum, tennis courts and the appropriate facilities, teachers, tennis associations or clubs, etc. so as to make a better development and popularity of tennis in Huangshan University form now on, and provide a certain reference to advance the tennis development vigorously in universities.
Key word:  Huangshan University; Tennis teaching; Investigation and analysis