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关键词:屯溪区       社区体育          现状        策略

Tunxi district of Huangshan City Community Sports to carry out investigation and study of the situation
Community Sports as a new form of community sports organizations, is becoming China's urban masses as a sports trends. The success of the 2008 Olympic Games host to stimulate people's enthusiasm for sports. Impact on people's  views on sports. In this paper, Huangshan City, Tunxi District of community sports facilities, community residents and residents of the frequency of exercise training projects, of different ages to participate in the distribution of physical exercise, sports instructor status, community residents training sessions, community residents to participate in physical exercise the motivation of community residents and organizations to investigate the areas of sports, through the survey data and results analysis. Carried out to understand the situation of community sports. It showed that: Tunxi District of fitness consciousness of community residents is not high, lack of community funding body, the lack of community sports, community sports, such as the lack of instructors. The status quo for these strategies, with a view to the future of community sports activities and the departments concerned to carry out policy-making, development of community sports reference resources.

Key words:    Tunxi District       Community Sports        Status quo