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随着信息时代的发展,越来越的公司采用科学的管理方法来管理自己的公司,在此状况下,产生了很多优秀的ERP管理软件,SAP R/3系统是大型商用软件最具代表性的杰作,该系统提供的各种应用模型几乎涵盖了各种类型企业的绝大部分业务范畴,而且还可以由用户或技术人员在此基础上继续开发新的应用,信隆公司的业务数据量庞大,SAP R/3是一款标准式软件,它不能满足信隆公司所有的业务要求,所以要由技术人员开发新的应用, 弥补了SAP标准程序的不足之处,更符合企业的需求和实际情况,大大提高企业的效率,降低企业成本,完成企业的信息化转型.


关键词:ERP,SAP R/3系统,MM物料管理,二次开发,ALV报表, EXCEL的方式.

With the development of Information time, more and more company uses the science the management to manage their own company, in this case, has produced very many excellent ERP management software, SAP R/3 system is one of the most representative of l large-scale commercial software masterpiece, The system provides a variety of applications model covers almost all types of enterprises majority of areas, and also the user or technical staff continue to develop new applications on this basis. This made up for SAP the inadequacy of the standard procedures, more in line with the business needs and circumstances, greatly improving the efficiency, reduce business costs, the completion of the restructuring corporate information.
There are huge business qualities in Shenzhen Xinlong.lnc. SAP R/3 is one of the standard software, it can’t meet all Xinlong company’s needs, so the technical staff should develop new applications in a way, the MM module of sap system in Xinlong company. Is based on the sap system, for support the demand of users in mm module which have the second develop, It is aimed at the business of the company operating the actual situation, The request appears which in view of the different stage carries on the reasonable adjustment and the enhancement, ABAP language used for development tools, To achieve the ultimate user needs, This procedure is based on the users of the company materials and the convenience of the statistics it’s a alv report. The report is used to achieve Materials management‘s check per week per month for the Materials manager ,this table is constitute 5 tables, they’re Materials, raw material, chemicals, metal, forging goods . Materials and raw material have departments, when person select several departments, the table should sort by department, and they display with EXCEL.
Key words: ERP,SAP R/3 System, MM (Materials Management), Secondary Development, ALV report, the approach to EXCEL